Volcanic Drift

Volcanic Drift presents the subteranean sounds of Yellowstone’s super caldera, cut into vinyl records, and played back through a pair of custom built subwoofers. Because a portion of this audio extends below the range of human hearing (the infrasonic), these recordings are felt as well as heard.

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The Permian Recordings at LAXART

The Permian Recordings are subterranean audio recordings from the Permian Basin, a section of West Texas known for oil and gas extraction near the towns of Midland and Odessa. The piece plays through four massive custom built infrasonic subwoofers, recreating the droning shuddering tones of an industrialized landscape.

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Enact a Preservation

Enact a Preservation reconstructs the unrealized view of Mies van der Rohe’s Resor House near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The partially completed house, originally designed to span a wide mill creek, was destroyed in a flood in 1943.

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